It was June 2019. I wasn’t living the best days of my life. I was in between jobs and was figuring out how to make ends meet. I had decent savings, so I knew I could survive a month or two in Mumbai, one of the most expensive cities of the world.

I spent my days sleeping and searching for better job opportunities while I would binge watch ‘Game of Thrones’ at nights. And then one night, the show ended.

I was done watching all the episodes of the popular drama and now, I was clueless what to do next. I am sure, most of you can relate to that feeling.

So, I decided to write something. However, I had no clue what I would write. I opened my wordpress blog and went through my already published blogs.

I started reading the one titled ‘The Nightmare’ (you can check it out). I have always loved that piece of mine. For a reason, it’s very close to my heart. Though I had read it like 60 times in the past, I still read it again.

And this time too, I loved it. I revisited the moment when I had written it. The lonely night.

This night too was lonely and a bit sad. So, I decided to extend this blog. But how? Still no clue.

I copy pasted it in a word doc and stared at the laptop screen. It was midnight.

And then, I started to amplify it by putting more thoughts. I still had no story in my mind. But I somehow decided how I would end it.

Well yes, I decided the ending before I could even develop a story. And when I had the conclusion with me, the message that I wanted to portray and the feeling I wanted to share with the world, developing a story wasn’t hard anymore.

I wrote one scene at a time. I didn’t rush into things. Though I did set a timeline.

I decided to write 5,000 words a month. I achieved it sometimes but mostly I didn’t. For the characters in the story, I took inspiration from the people around me.

The story changed as I wrote. But I made sure not to tamper with the emotions I wanted to portray with the book.

I wrote for 3-4 months. I had a job now. Tired, I used to come back home with no energy left to continue my draft. I kept reminding myself that this draft was my life saviour when I was out of work. On most days, I wrote 50 words a day.

I just knew I had to keep going. For a few months, I didn’t write at all. And then, the pandemic happened. Indian government announced lockdown. So, I was given the gift of time again. I picked up my draft and finished it. And on June 21, 2020, I published my debut book ‘The Day I Met Him: Not A Love Story on Amazon Kindle.

Did I tell you that the date in 2019 on which I started writing was June 21?

If you have Kindle Unlimited, Read my book for Free and let me know if you liked it!

I will be posting more interesting blogs on my journey as an author! So, let’s stay connected. Post in the comments, if you have a particular topic on which I should write about!