In today’s world, where feminism is the favourite tea for the critics and the crowd, it is vital to figure out good aspects of it. Kanika Saini has depicted feminism at its best in her latest novel ‘The Mumbai Monsoon.’ In its 188 pages, she has thrown light on hardships faced by three women coming from three sectors of life alien from each other.

Ruby is a 20-year-old sustaining in prostitution of Delhi while her eyes glisten with bigger dreams. Ayesha is an influencing Bollywood actress dwelling among paparazzi and luxuries of life. Her suffering in a toxic marriage is a second thing. Last but not the least, Simi, a middle-class woman, is struggling to do everything out of the box to survive with her unfaithful husband along with her toddler. The inevitable monsoon of Mumbai is all set to shove the trio in a tempest, scarier than the ones…

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