I was climbing up the stairs to catch the train and talking to my bestie at the same time. Travelling alone is boring for me. And I was just talking nonsense over call.

This man was climbing up the stairs as well, and just looked at me. I stopped my chat over call, coz of course, If he would have had heard me talking nonsense, he could have dialed mental asylum to pick me up.

I was a minute late to reach the station, courtesy Road traffic. It was 7 pm already. So I decided to just roam around the ticket counter and talk some more nonsense with my Bestie. 5 minutes passed and I was busy on my phone.

Wanting to be aware of my surroundings, I looked up and there was that same man standing right next to me. ‘Oh, he must be waiting for someone’.

‘He is looking at me. No, staring at me, ‘ I said to my friend.

‘ Change your position. Just go somewhere else, ‘ said my friend.

I took the advice and walked to the platform. There’s always so much rush all the time. I kept on walking and didn’t look back. And then amidst the crowd, I stopped.

And there he was. Again. Constantly keeping his eyes on me. He knew that I noticed him. He didn’t care.

Two men were standing near me, so I just hid myself behind them. But it didn’t help. He came closer. He was just 5 steps away.

Those eyes. On me. Constantly.

I wanted to walk upto him, and punch him real hard. But I couldn’t. What if people around me blamed me instead? What if people let him go and I become the target? How would I explain that what was just happening?

20 minutes passed and those eyes were still on me. I was losing my calm. I decided to give him a look back thinking he would walk away. But no. He started murmuring something. Started making some gestures.

I wanted to ask what his problem was! But I couldn’t. What if he takes fun of it. What if that’s what he wanted- Me walking up to him. What if he takes on his ego and my life gets in danger.

There was still some time in my next train. “But what if I take the train and he follows me till home?”, I thought.

He had to take the train of opposite direction. He was getting late now. He had already left 10 trains just to keep an eye on me. But now he was running out of it. Another train came. He took a step towards it, but didn’t take it. He knew I was looking at him.

Then came another train. And he took it this time. He stood at the door. But the gestures, those mumbles, and the bye gesture he made without looking at me?

He was gone. And I had my train in next 5 minutes. But those 30 minutes of constant stalking!!

Was he following me from outside the station, or before that? Was he in same auto rickshaw in which I was? What if he comes back tomorrow as well?

What if?