​Every coin has 2 sides. Now when Donald Trump has been elected the 45th president of The United States of America who is a man of controversies and  has gained immense publicity after giving controversial statements on women, African-Americans, Mexicans and Islam. However, instead of mourning and criticizing, we shall try to flip the coin and see the other side of it. 

Trump is a hard core businessman who is pro business and pro Wall Street. He believes in less regulation and in letting businesses flourish. His tax proposals intend to reduce taxes across the board, thus giving a boost to consumption.

While on the other side, Hillary Clinton was aiming at increasing taxes on high-income families, large businesses, on algorithmic trades, businesses that moved operations out of the country to save taxes etc. 

Trump has proposed to lower business tax rate from 35 per cent to 15 per cent, and eliminate the corporate alternative minimum tax. This will result in large savings to corporates and boost earnings, if implemented.

While Clinton favoured clamping down on Wall Street to ensure that a repeat of 2008 crisis does not occur, Trump is in favour of lower regulations. He does not believe in imposing restrictions on banks and Wall Street firms, which is favourable to stock markets.

He also aims at imposing a countervailing duty on Chinese imports and use tariffs to eliminate trade deficits with all countries.

The sour relations that America shares with Russia is well known to the world. With Trump in power, it is expected that the relations of both countries will get better. In the process, countries like China and Pakistan will tend to lose. 

People of other nations were shocked to see the results of elections. They failed to understand that the victory of Donald Trump was definite. 

One reason was because of his say against muslims. 

No offense, but People of America hate Muslims after the unforgettable attack of 9/11. 

People chose him, because they believe him. They believe that he will surely take certain steps in the direction to end terrorism. 

He also gained the faith of Indo-Americans by expressing his love towards India and also condemning the Mumbai Attacks, 2008 and The terrorist attack on Indian Parliament as well. He  believes that India holds the most important position while fighting with terrorism. 

It is now believed that the presidents of the three nations, that is America, Russia, and India would come together for greater good of the world, and countries like China and Pakistan are going to suffer.