She was standing still near the window. Her eyes were constantly gazing at the little droplets of rain water falling onto the window glass. And the droplets rolled down the glass in the same gesture as the tears used to roll down her cheeks. The only difference was that someone was witnessing the droplets while her tears always went unnoticed.


“What are you doing there?”, a voice behind her broke the silence of the house.

“Looking at my past”, she murmured. Even the loud voice of her husband couldn’t distract her.

“Looking at the past? Is there an old DVD playing out there, outside the window?”, he laughed.

She turned around and saw him packing his luggage.
“You are leaving again?”, She asked with distress.

“It’s my job. You know that.”

She went inside. And saw those droplets still rolling down. It was a mirror this time.