He: ‘Can I ask you a question?’
She: ‘Yes, go on.’

He: ‘Is everything alright? I mean, are you stressed about something?’

She: ‘Not at all. Why are you asking so?’

He: ‘I sense it in your voice.’
The voice, of course. How hard she had tried to keep it a secret. All those fake smiles went in vein. Because he had sensed it all. Those silent sobs. Those heavy tears. 

She was good at hiding things.

Except those tears. 

She had missed him a lot. She had been waiting for his call since days that seemed like ages to her. She knew he was busy. Still she held certain expectations. Despite knowing that he will be unavailable to take calls, she kept on trying his number for days. 

She was strong. She knew that she should stay strong. It was just an emotional outburst. She had been crying since morning. Had scrolled through all the memories in her phone gallery. That old diary that had been remained untouched for months was taken out from the shelf. The blank page with the wetness of that tear which had managed to roll down from her cheek said the whole story. And those silent screams while reading the old entries that read the same story of distances. Nothing had changed– The diary entries, those tears, the loneliness.

The call gave her some relief. Those invisible scars of distances were to be healed. His soothing voice was like a medicine to her. The way he smiled while talking about his accomplishments, and the way he laughed at her silly jokes. She did not want him to sense her sadness. Because she could sense how happy he was today. But, it wasn’t a child’s play to hide things from him especially the tears.

She: ‘Everything is alright baby! It’s just that ….. I was missing you….a lot. That’s why, when I got your call, I could stop crying.’

He: ‘Stupid! Then you should be happy that I called.’

She: ‘Yes, I am.’

She was content now. Because she was healed.