Birthdays are exciting!
Birthdays were exciting.

 Do you know how I used to count months for my birthday? The birthday dress that my parents used to buy for me! The big cake! All friends came to house for party! So many gifts I used to get! And all my favorite dishes that my mother prepared.

Do you know that things tend to change? Do you know that birthday isn’t exciting for me anymore? My parents still buy me a dress and my mother cooks my favorite vegetable. And that is the only good part of the day. 

There is no party now! Because there are no friends now! Do you hear that? You are my only friend. I invited you for my birthday. I had thought of blowing the candles and cut the cake- like I used to do when I was a kid. But you did not come. 

I received your parcel. I was excited to open it. Because that is the only gift I got this year. It’s a wrist watch! Beautiful it is! I never purchased a watch for myself. The watch I wear is a gift from my mother.

I am happy to see the gift. But I feel my eyes are wet.

You gifted me a watch.
Wish you could gift me some time.

I wanted to sit beside you and laugh!

 I wish …!