Childhood games were awesome. Hide n seek was the most popular game. You could play it with anybody. Sometimes a person used to hide beyond the decided territory of game. That was one big cheating. Long arguments, extended fights which involved frauds done in last day’s game as well would follow. But after few minutes, everybody would get back to the game with mutual understanding. And if by a chance, the fight gets serious and one of the player quits the game and go home; the whole army of kids would march till his home to resolve the matter.
We are grown up now. We have different games to play. Not the golf, cricket, baseball etc, but the real games which our life/society designs for us.
There is unique set of game designed for every single person. Although the game is same- The childhood game- ‘Hide n seek’. Just the conditions are different.
A poor man seeks for food that’s been hidden in the bakery shop. A keen student seeks for education that’s been hidden in those private schools whose fees his family can’t pay. A businessman seeks for investors. Manufacturers seek for retailers and retailers seek for customers. A man seeks for a suitable bride who is hidden at some unknown place in this big world.
A thief is hiding himself from police who stole some money. A kid is hiding from her mother who failed in the school test. A teenager is hiding from his father who accidently lost his phone. And this goes on.
It’s the same game; just the players and conditions are changed. You could restart the game if you are caught, but when you are grown up you will probably get no chance to play the game again. You will be behind the bars if police gets you, no matter why you stole the bread.
There are set boundaries for the game.
“You are allowed to hide till the end of this road.”
Even if you cross the boundary and you are caught, you will resolve the matter in next 5 minutes. But what about a girl who crossed her boundary by marrying a guy whom her parents don’t approve? Would this matter be resolved in some 5 minutes? No. Because the conditions of the game are changed.
Nobody will see that she married a guy whom she loves and with whom she sees her future. What people will see is the broken trust of her parents and the fall in their dignity.
(For those who cannot understand the logic, please note that in some parts of the world, a person is not allowed to marry someone of his/her choice. They don’t believe in the concept of love marriage. Arranged marriage system is followed in such societies.)
Accordingly, you cannot love someone and your family at the same time. But you can love your family and a person chosen by your family at the same time.
You are sensible enough to vote at the age of 18; careful enough to drive at the age of 18, responsible enough to drink at the age of 21 and mature enough to marry at the age of 18 (in case of girls) and 21 (in case of boys). But you are never old enough to marry a person of your own choice. What world are we living in?
If you love someone, how exactly your parents’ trust is broken? If you go on a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend, how exactly your family’s reputation is being spoiled. If you kiss your partner, how exactly you broke your parent’s heart? Are we not adults? Aren’t we allowed to choose our partner? Aren’t we allowed to be happy? Aren’t we allowed to make decisions and aren’t we allowed to make mistakes and learn from them?
Life is not about restrictions. It’s about experiences.
Family has a big role to play but so does individuality.