Infant → Schoolboy → Teenager → Young man → Middle aged → old man → Dotage & death

This is how Shakespeare has named the SEVEN STAGES OF LIFE and he has even decribed each one of them in the most elegant way.

Life isn’t  about birth and death. Along with it comes its worries.

Who in the world has zero problems and zero tensions? A child is worried about his homework or the upcoming exams. A teenager would probably be worried about his looks and spends his time on thinking about his crush in college. A boy who is now young and mature is now worried about his career,  job and money. A guy who is in his 40’s might be worried about his reputation, his children’s future, and the retirement plans.

But it is depressing how people these days deal with their problems.

Kota (Rajasthan) is a hub of coaching institutes for students who aspire to take admission in Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) and other such highly reptuted educational institutes for engineering and medical. It should be a matter of pride that we have such increased number of opportunities and institutes to get education these days. But unfortunately, it seems to be a curse for children. The following statistics shows the harsh reality of students in India.



And readers must know that the students are not weak hearted and they don’t kill themselves because they are tired of the studies. One must note that there is nothing wrong with this generation. The reasons that compell them to take such steps are:

  1. For 10,000 IIT seats, over 13 lakh students compete.
  2. Students have to appear in class 12 exams and entrance exams, simultaneously.
  3. Coaching classes from morning to evening.
  4. Students have Little information about careers beyond IIT and medical.
  5. Parents’ insistence on engineering and medical.
  6. Failure means non-repayment of loan which their parents have taken for them.

Aren’t these reasons enough to drag a person in the phase of depression  who is merely 15 years old.


I have earlier mentioned that there is nothing wrong with this generation. They are just a victim of increased competition and parents’ expectations.

It’s high time for people to understand that there is a life beyond engineering and medical. I don’t remember whether Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bachchan or Mary Kom graduated from any of the IITs or IIMs.

And for all those people who are worried about anything in life, Remember:

” A couple years from now, everything you are stressing about won’t even matter. Keep moving forward.”

Keep moving forward like this guy did:original (1).jpg

If you are not inspired yet, let me tell you that Satya Nadella  is the current CEO of microsoft and he is neither from IIT nor from NIT.