“You should eat less.”

“Why don’t you join a gym?”

“No guy would like to date you.”

— These statements would have haunt me every night. I would  look in the mirror and think how ugly do I look. But I am talking about the parellel universe where I would probably be fat.

” You are so thin. Don’t you take proper meals?”— This is what I  actually get to hear from my friends and relatives.

I cannot be fat. And I cannot be thin.__fat_girl_and_thin_girl_by_moony_14_lucky-d4iqkne What exactly am I supposed to be?


I have never understood the concept of body shaming. Does being fat or black or short makes me a less human? We did not fill a form before our birth in which we had an option of choosing whether we want to be fat or thin; black or white; tall or short.

If my parents decide to arrange my marriage, they would find a groom who is genuine, who earns well and who has a good family background. In addition, they would also look for certain traits like he shall be tall and as fair as me.

But what if I decide to marry a man who is short, or fat, or not so fair? Won’t I be happy? Would it not matter if he is loving and caring and respectful and is well settled in life? Wouldn’t it fulfill the criteria of being a perfect life partner?

What will I do with his abs, or his 6’2″ height, or his fair skin if he can not love and understand me. In this case, people shall understand that I am looking for a groom not a model for a photoshoot of some magazine who has some set standards of being beautiful.

(I am not actually looking for a groom. :p )


According to me, there is no perfect definition of ‘ Being Beautiful.’ Your appearance would not determine your worth.

Po (from Kung fu panda movie) was cute. He was fat yet he became the dragon warrior and the teacher too (in 3rd part).

If being fat was a matter of embarrasment and an obstacle, then the snake would have become the dragon warrior.