She did not even turn back. The time that we both had spent together was constantly flashing through my mind like an old black & white film.

She was a headache to me all the time. But she was a cure too. I cannot forget the way she used to serve me a cup of coffee when I had least potential to serve myself.

She was fond of singing, and now when she is gone, her humming is hitting me hard in my brain. 

How can I forget the time when we used to cook together (or I shall say she would cook and I would stand beside her). I was bad at cooking. I would have literally starved if she was not there to cook for me.

I was never as warm to her as she was to me. She was full of emotions and expressions, and she was so lovely that I cannot explain till date.

Why didn’t she turn back? Had all her emotions died in last few days? Wasn’t she bothered anymore? Was I at fault?

All these questions would have been a potential reason to my sleepless nights. But this did not happen. Because I had started knowing that girl very well.

Yes, she did not turn back. 

Because she was hiding her tears.

Maybe I can find a new roomate this year. But it would be hard to find her replacement.