We met in the same café for a cup of coffee. It was a pleasant evening. I saw children playing in the streets down my way to café. There were few women getting the groceries as I passed through the marketplace. There wasn’t much rush in the café. He was already there waiting for me (though it’s unusual for him). It was me who always had to wait for an hour every time we met.

My favorite mocha and muffin was ordered as usual. The girl on the next table was looking gorgeous as she wore a sexy black gown. I teased him for that girl and even returned back his specks so that he can have a better look of that girl. He took the specks but kept it back on the table (again unusual).

“Is everything alright?”- I asked.

“Yes honey. I was just wondering how much we love and adore each other.”- He replied taking my palms into his.

“Yes we do.”

His eyes were constantly looking into mine. And I understood everything. Tears rolled down my eyes and he did not try to calm me down this time. Probably he was trying to hold his own tears. Silence had taken the supremacy at that moment.

No matter how many times he gets deployed or goes away, my hearts aches the same. When just the thought of him being away crashes me down, how can I be OK when he actually leaves.

It is a matter of pride to be queen of a king who serves in armed forces, but it takes a lot more courage to be one.


Goodbyes are hard. It’s always hard for the person leaving. But it’s even more hard for  the one left behind.

My choice is appreciable, whether it is the mocha & muffin, or, the person sitting beside me sharing it with me.