Life is hard. You have to be successful, otherwise you will be crushed in this big bad world. ‘

This used to be my ideology until I graduated from high school.

Make plans, work hard and you will surely succeed.’ — This was my only mantra for life.

But I never thought of a situation of what if my plans didn’t work. Maybe I can switch to Plan B or Plan C.   Right?

Everything was easy in high school. There were no worries. Although I shall admit that I was focused but a scared girl. Scared of obstacles, competition and failure.

And then I met this Hero. Or I shall say ‘My Hero’. Just another man until I came to know about things. He was a lucky guy who had everything in life. Appreciable grades in school, good friends, lovely family, and a good reputation in society. That’s all one would want in life.

But life has its own games to play. Life was like, “Dude, why are you so happy and chilled in life. There’s no fun in this. Let me add some spices. Let’s play a game together.”

His grades degraded. He was thrown out of the university for some unavoidable reasons. His parents did not trust him anymore. Friends and relatives did not support him.

Wasn’t that enough for a single game when life again communicated, “No Bro, let’s switch the game from moderate level to difficulty level. What if I give you some incurable disease? Let’s see if you can survive this.”

God must be kidding this time. He was already shattered and devastated. And Now, He was ill too.

Everything seemed to come to an end. He had dreams which were impossible to achieve now.  It was definitely not  a fair game.

‘Life gave him tons of lemons, but he decided to make a lemonade.’

He is the man who didn’t know how to give up on things.

And he did not give up. Instead he fought. He fought for his dreams. He fought to regain his respect. He fought for his love and he fought for his life.

And Yes, he succeeded. He won.

He won the battle of life and he won my heart too. He is a true Hero.


He had taught me the meaning of life. He taught me that life is too short to worry about things. And I realised that while chasing big things, I shall not forget about the tiny things that make me happy.

I love the way he smiles today and I love the way he serves lemonade.   🙂