“Aage bdho” (Move ahead)– These are probably the most used words in crowded places, whether it is a jam-packed concert of a renowned artist or  a local market like Chandani Chowk in Delhi.

“Move on” – This is all we say when a person suffers the sorrow of death of his/her loved ones, or if, one goes through a bad relationship.

But does anybody say you to pause for a while?

Have YOU bothered to take a pause even once?

NO. Because you have a meeting with your client that would fetch you $50. Because your girlfriend would not talk to you for another 2 days if you don’t reach her place on time. Because you want to reach the flat before your friends gulp away all the bottles of whiskey.

But what about the injured lady you met in your way to office. Did you bother to take her to the hospital? No. You just cannot bear the loss of those extra $50. (No matter if the lady loses her life.)

And what about the girl who was shouting out of her helplessness? When you would be spending some quality moments with your girlfriend, the girl might be getting raped.

“It’s none of our business,” and we prefer to walk away.

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Have you ever wondered why the number of divorce cases has increased? May be because people have become independent, cruel or whatever reasons you want to give.

You and your partner have been undergoing through the problem of increased misunderstandings and then you decide to separate.

Did you take a pause? Did you come early from your office one night and went out for a dinner and discuss? Did you try to remember the reason why you both decided to marry? Did you try to understand the emotions, and the problems of your partner?

“Moving on” or “walking away” is necessary at certain point of time. But it is not the best solution all the time, especially when you have an option of taking a pause and think.