The feeling of being an Introvert was always awesome to me. Being away from people who may sound stupid to you; having your “me” time, and of course, being away from gossips was a pleasure.

They say that people who like to spend time with  themselves tend to have good thinking capability in comparison to the extroverts. I had always believed this until today.

By remaining introvert for years, probably the characteristics of  an anti-social person has made home inside me. Yes, there is a difference between an introvert person and an anti-social person. For instance, previously I used to maintain a distance from people who I thought were stupid, or who talk shit, or with whom I have no need to communicate. But now, I feel scared while communicating with people. Every other person on this earth sound like an alien to me (sometimes my loved ones too).

Moreover, during these years I have learned that there is no place for introverts in this cruel world (this is my personal belief).

May it be a simple  group discussion with people around you or in a competitive exams; may it be a job interview; or even a prom/graduation night- Introverts have no place. Excellent communication skills is all that is required in today’s world.

Therefore if you are in your teens, or if you are adults with kids, then try to learn the importance of good communication skills. Because that is all what this competitive world demands.